How To Print Double Sided PowerPoint

Printing a double sided PowerPoint presentation can get complicated. Depending on the version of Microsoft Office or PowerPoint you have installed the process might require a few modifications.

To print a double sided PowerPoint presentation using the 2003 version, load the presentation first by clicking on File from the top main menu and select Open. Browse to the PowerPoint presentation that you want to print double sided.

Once you have the presentation you want to print loaded, select Print from the File menu. Next in the Print dialog box click on properties to load your printers Document Properties. If your print supports duplex printing, select Two-Sided (Duplex) Printing from the Printing Shortcuts tab.

On the right side of the printers Document

Properties dialog box select Manual from the Print on both sides drop down menu. Click OK, and your printer should now print the odd number pages first.

Next, reload the printed pages face up if your printer prints face down, or load them face down if your printer prints face up. Continue with the printing the even pages to complete your print job.

If you do not have duplex printing option or if your printer does not support duplex printing you can manually print the odd and even pages. To do that, you have to specify the pages by clicking on the Slides option under Print range. In the Slides field enter the odd page numbers of your presentation first. Click OK to print. Reload the pages accordingly and then enter the even page numbers in the Slides fields to complete the double sided print job.