Duplex Printing with Long Edge and Short Edge Settings

There is always some confusion over printing double sided documents when setting up the Long Edge and Short Edge options no matter who is doing the printing or how much experience they have. It all depends again on the printer you are using, the capabilities and functions of that printer. The software you are using, and the print options within that software. This Long Edge vs Short Edge guide should alleviate much of that confusion.

When printing double sided, printers that have the duplexer function let’s you choose on which side you would like the printing to appear. In the Print printer properties you can select if you want to print Long Edge, which means that you will turn the pages by their long edge – faced portrait. If your pages format layout is landscape, you will use Short Edge where the pages would be turned from their shortest edge.

This function is mostly available in copiers and printers that supports duplex printing on the go, without having to manually set the paper back in the tray. There are some printers that come with duplexers but still require manual reassembly and re-enter of the paper when printing double sided. In case your printer doesn’t support on the go duplex printing with long-edge/short-edge option, you can still print double sided with the right layout format since you are going to fix the side and edge for the printer to print.

Double Sided Printing with Printers/Copiers supporting Long Edge/Short Edge option 

Within the application you are printing from, select File from the main menu.

Click Print and in the Print dialog box click on Properties. Check the box or circle next to Duplex.

From the drop down menu select either Long Edge if your pages are set portrait or Short Edge if the format is landscape.

Press OK to print your double sided documents.